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Physiotherapy And Remedial Massage

At Rebuild Health and Fitness, we prioritise holistic health and wellness and specialise in injury prevention and management. Which is why Rebuild Health and Fitness has an in-house physiotherapist and remedial massage therapist to help you move and perform at your best. 

When you have recurring pain or injury, rarely do you need complete rest, and the majority of the time you need to keep moving, be that different at times. Our physiotherapist Louis and remedial massage therapist Ahrie make sure you can still train and get the most out of your workouts without adding further damage.

They also work closely with the coaches to create programs for members who need adaptation.

“It’s important to know that there are very few injuries that require complete rest from training,” Louis says. “Continuing to train your unaffected areas maintains strength and cardiovascular conditioning while promoting blood flow to healing tissue. Training the affected body part to its maximal tolerable level will also often lead to better outcomes.

So if you need help with pain management, injury prevention or movement, book in to see one of our specialists now.



Our physiotherapists are here to help men and women across Wynnum Manly address these symptoms and live life without worrying over aches and pains.

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With Rebuild Health and Fitness, your sustained success is our only priority. Treat your body to a wide range of muscle therapies and walk away feeling fitter and fresher than ever before. 

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