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Ben Salm

Out of all the gyms I have ever been to, Rebuild is by far the best! Great coaches, brilliant programming, accountability, amazing people and all built on actually caring about members, their needs an...

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Kerrie Hockless

I was so hesitant to join this gym - having not worked out in a gym for a long time, I was worried I wasn't fit enough, ready enough or going to fit in. I was completely wrong! I am not 90 days in and...

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Zherry Urbano

I've tried other gyms and when I joined Rebuild Health and Fitness Gym I wish I found it sooner. It's the only gym that motivates me to work out, has the best coaches and great community. Best of all,...

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Joanna Jackson

Starting at a new gym is never easy especially after you've had a one year break. I cannot recommend Rebuild Fitness highly enough I was only able to walk for 10mins without being in pain. Thanks to t...

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Mel Foletti

I can not commend the Rebuild coaches & training enough on getting me out of my comfort zone. I was already training at another gym & loved my fitness classes, but just wasn’t seeing pro...

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Cassie McVey

I just joined Rebuild and I am always a bit skeptical of the sale-sign-up-pitch. I have been a member of around 20 gyms up to now, from various places around the world and I can honestly say I have ne...

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Become a better you

Do you feel lost, stuck, and don’t know where to turn next? Are you fed up of your goals not turning into reality; of feeling weaker, more out of shape, and less motivated than you should? You deserve better, you deserve to feel stronger, healthier, and energised. At some point, a change is needed and this is where Rebuild comes in.

Most people fail because they don’t follow a program that guarantees results. They don’t follow the scientific principles of training and nutrition that allows them to be successful week after week, year after year.

Our values are around integrity, progress, and happiness and our mission is to create life balance while getting people feeling better, looking better, and performing at their best.

We will get you stronger, improve your body composition, increase your fitness, and have you feeling better than ever.


Improve Your Health

Discover our amazing secrets that will help you lose weight and feel great.

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Personal Training, CrossFit and Group Fitness Classes in Wynnum
Group Fitness Classes in Wynnum and Capalaba

Group Fitness

Take on the best Group Fitness Classes in the whole of Wynnum West. We’re empowering men and women of all backgrounds to develop and progress to things they didn’t believe they were capable of. Learn more today.

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Group Fitness Classes in Wynnum and Capalaba

Personal Training

Our Personal Training is helping men and women all across our community to thrive. We’re giving you the chance to change your outcome, to work with you in depth and coach you every step of the way.

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Personal Training, CrossFit and Group Fitness Classes in Wynnum West

Nutrition Coaching

Our Nutrition Coaching program will help you turn your effort into results. With the right energy, nutrients and mindset you can achieve the results you’re after. Sit down with one of our nutritionists or get remote coaching, education and accountability through our online Rebuild Health and Fitness app.

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Group Fitness Classes in Wynnum and Capalaba

Speciality Training

With our Capacity Training, you’ll get the opportunity to improve your conditioning and breathing mechanics to be able to go further and recover faster than ever before. Rebuild Health and Fitness has designed a unique program to get you feeling better, fast.

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Group Fitness Classes in Wynnum and Capalaba


Get relief from your discomfort, aches, and pains through effective physiotherapy. Our team at Rebuild Health and Fitness uses proven techniques for disposing and relieving pain - we can help you overcome injury and get you performing again. Join us in Wynnum West and see how our staff can help you move better.

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Group Fitness Classes in Wynnum and Capalaba


Our massage therapy will help you find an escape from your daily pains and anxiety. At Rebuild Health and Fitness, we'll pamper you, help you relax, and give you a well-deserved break from your troubles. Join us in Wynnum West and get an amazing massage experience!

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Personal Training, CrossFit and Group Fitness Classes in Wynnum

Online Training

Our Online Training programme is helping people all across our community get the most out of every exercise and find success one step at a time. We are proud to work with people of all fitness levels and we can’t wait to help you make your goals a reality.

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Let our team in Wynnum help you

We understand how hard it can be to feel like something isn’t working for you. At Rebuild Health and Fitness we empower members, taking them to new levels by working closely with them each session.

So are you happy where you are now or do you want to feel stronger and fitter than ever before?


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Tell us your goals and expectations.

Sit Down With Your Coach

Let’s make sure we are the right fit for each other. Let us show you how we will achieve your goals.

Take Action and Start Making Progress

Create a plan to get your desired results.



  • Create Life Balance

    Create Life Balance

    Gain harmony between your family, your health and social life.

  • Become Stronger

    Become Stronger

    Build muscle, move easier, recover faster.

  • Look Better

    Look Better

    Gain the body you want by adapting the scientific principles of training and nutrition.

  • Gain Confidence

    Gain Confidence

    Change your thoughts and perceptions of health.

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Personal Training, CrossFit and Group Fitness Classes in Wynnum

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