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  • Meet The Redlands Man Gearing Up To Run 7 Marathons In 7 Days

    Dave Roby finds it hard to turn down a challenge. The Redlands gym owner signed up for the seven marathons in seven days across seven Australian states after stumbling across the challenge on a charity website. He’s got a changed perspective on life, after nearly dying in 2016. Speaking on the Rebuild Health & Fitness podcast, Roby says: “You never can take anything for granted. I thought I was invincible from a fitness point of view – I could do anything, and then this happened, where I’m struggling to walk a 4m hill.” Roby was hospitalised with pneumonia, his lung function down to 3% capacity. He contracted a disease while travelling and says ....

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  • I’m A Fitness Coach And Nutritionist And I Hate These 8-Week Challenges

    I’m A Fitness Coach And Nutritionist And I Hate These 8-Week Challenges

    Six and eight week challenges have really taken off in the health industry in the last few years, and as a qualified coach and nutritionist, I’m fundamentally opposed to them. Challenges are problematic – at Rebuild Health & Fitness we consistently hear stories about people being put on restrictive diets, overworking themselves for eight weeks and injuring themselves, or completely smashing it for the eight weeks and then regressing almost immediately. These challenges are an excellent marketing tool for gyms, and yes, they do have their place as a catalyst for some people to create change, but the majority of the time, it’s ‘go hard for eight ....

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  • The Importance Of Finding Balance

    The Importance Of Finding Balance

    It can be difficult to juggle priorities – work, family, exercise, nutrition, a social life, recreational interests, there’s only so much you can get out of a day. Then you check your social media and people are smashing gym sessions, eating their chicken and broccoli and living a life of abstinence, probably making you feel like you aren’t doing enough. Too often the health industry is perceived as all or nothing - but it’s not that black and white. It’s time to throw away the stereotypes and assumptions of what you ‘should’ be doing. It can’t be an all or nothing approach, health is a spectrum. This week, in the ....

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  • What is Physiotherapy?

    What is Physiotherapy?

    Be wary of claims such as “needling promotes healing” or “regular manipulation is required to maintain spinal alignment.” I won’t dispute that these things can decrease pain in the short term, however they are NOT necessary for recovery from an injury. What is physiotherapy? A valid question. If you asked ten people, you’d get a variety of answers. While I believe most people have some idea of what we do, I’d love to use my first blog for Rebuild to define the job more clearly and clear up some very common misconceptions. The Australian Physiotherapy Association defines the role as follows: “Physiotherapists help you get the most out of ....

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  • How Much My Approach to Training Has Changed to See the Bigger Picture

    How Much My Approach to Training Has Changed to See the Bigger Picture

    “If this all goes to plan you’ll be back in time for preseason” and I just said, “I wanna be able to run around with my nephews and walk up and downhill without grimacing in pain." How much my approach to training has changed to see the bigger picture. I’ve been an athlete my whole life ever since I was young training for me has always been about getting better at my sport. Even through injuries which if you know me well you know I’ve had my fair share, I’m now 27 and I’ve had 3 knee ops, a shoulder reconstruction, and my hips operated on. As well as numerous breaks, fractures, torn ligaments and strained muscles thrown in for just for ....

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  • Aesthetics Does Not Directly Equal Performance, Health or Happiness

    Aesthetics Does Not Directly Equal Performance, Health or Happiness

    Humans do this all the time, are humans pillows? Do we treat our bodies like we treat our pillows? Are people walking around looking the part and feeling like an absolute turd? A couple of weeks ago we moved into a new house and of course, Jess wanted to buy new ‘things’ for the house. One of those new things being pillows for our living room. We have the same sofa but I mean we have gone from white walls to cream walls so you can see why we needed new pillows. (I can’t but emoji’s on emails but I hope you can picture the face I’m pulling) Jess said we need new pillows, I said we don’t need new pillows, so we clearly went to buy new pillows. ....

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  • It's Time to Put Yourself First!

    It's Time to Put Yourself First!

    Without a good method of releasing the built-up stress and tension, we break either physically, emotionally or mentally or sometimes all 3 at the same time which is not fun. In these crazy times, in the hustle and bustle of life, it can often feel like we don’t get a break constantly jumping from one job to another. Life stress has become such a constant that our bodies do not get a chance to recover. We pile on stress all day every day and it’s almost seen as a badge of honor being able to deal with so much. However, without being able to dissipate stress we set ourselves up for the straw that broke the camel’s back type scenario. At some point, there will be too much ....

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  • Going to the Gym to Lose Fat is Stupid

    Going to the Gym to Lose Fat is Stupid

    I should be dead… Also going to the gym to lose fat is stupid, I’ll explain. When I moved to Australia about 8 years ago, like all backpackers you have to do 3 months of farming to receive your second years’ visa, so of course, that is what I did. We ended up on a cotton farm on the border of NSW and QLD, I’ll be honest, I may have watched too many movies. I thought we would have baskets on our backs, picking cotton by hand for 12 hours a day. How wrong I was. When we arrived at the farm, there were machines as big as houses that did all the work, we just had to press it in a massive 10-tonne container. It was bloody long hours, but easy work in fairness (Well ....

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  • The Missing Link for Fat Loss

    The Missing Link for Fat Loss

    Today I am going to talk about the most unspoken about factor when it comes to weight loss and weight maintenance. Yesterday I got a message off my friend Olivia who is marrying my best mate Ben in two weeks in Wales (where I will destroy him with my best man speech). But the message read ‘my anxiety was really bad this morning and I was really beating myself up about not being able to get to the gym’ But she remembered something I said, and it took her back down to earth which I will explain. Through our lives we are going to want to be in better shape for certain periods of the year, that is life for most. So we believe we need to train harder at this point to get down to ....

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  • You're Not Helping!

    You're Not Helping!

    I deal with women and their diets every single day, they come to me because they are struggling with something, maybe they are not happy with their body, maybe they don’t know how to maintain their weight loss, maybe its health, fitness, strength, or mental. BUT almost every single person I sit down with wants to improve their body composition above all else. Of course, it is, people say “no it’s not”, but break it down enough. Yes, it is. 
 We all want a better body, every one of us wants to be able to stand in the mirror and look at ourselves and think “that’s a bit of alright, I am happy’ but it is a very hard thing to do subjectively after ....

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