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REBUILDING MEMBERS: From Failing Workouts To Bar Muscle-Ups - Harry

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REBUILDING MEMBERS: From Failing Workouts To Bar Muscle-Ups - Harry

Harry has enjoyed a sharp rise in his progress. From joining last year, and feeling unable to complete Wednesday workouts, to hitting a bar-muscle up in early April, it’s been up and up for him.  


“I was pretty stoked. When I very first started, so at the start of 2020, I went from not being able to finish any Wednesday workout, absolutely dying. And now I can do a bar muscle-up which I never thought I'd be able to do in a million years. Because I think, even from when I first joined back at December last year, I only do like two pull-ups in a row, and that was a struggling, I’d shake.”


He’s Rebuild Health and Fitness’s member of the month for April, for his dedication to training, his hard work and perseverance, all while juggling studying medicine and working part time.


Harry joined Rebuild after finishing school, looking for a way to keep fit when all his sport finished. “In high school, I did a lot of volleyball, rugby, a lot of sport. And then, I think, pretty quickly I found out that the activity that I had in school compared to outside of school is not the same, so I did put on a bit of weight.”


Harry’s brother did CrossFit training at a gym, and set up a home gym, which got Harry into it too.


“I did CrossFit originally at CrossFit Axed in Morningside when I was in school. I think when I was 15 or 16. And so I was like, ‘Oh, CrossFit works. I know that Sean does the strength stuff at Iona, so that's why I came down here.”


And the feeling of satisfaction after a hard workout is what keeps him coming back.


“There's something about training in CrossFit that absolutely screws you over like nothing else. I've done all the running. I've tried to just go to gym and just lift weights, normally. There's something about the feeling when you finish a 15 or a 35-minute EMOM and you're absolutely dying on the ground that I don't think I really got from anything else. Yeah. More chasing that feeling of absolute death.”


He also loves coming to Rebuild because of the coaches. “I think the best thing probably was just something about the coaches. All the coaches were fairly young, very approachable and just I think really real with a lot of this stuff. So, I think you get a lot, so Cal has good lifting experience in coaching. James, I like James a lot because he doesn't put up with any shit. If he sees you bitching it on, like on a weight or something, he'll tell you to go up. And then Sean, I've known Sean from doing the strength stuff at Iona. But between the three of them and then Darius here, too, who's got some insane PT knowledge, it’s a great combination – the knowledge between them. It’s great.”


His next goal is handstand work, looking to get a handstand walk.


You can typically see Harry working hard at a 9:30am or 4:30pm class.

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