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The Rise Challenge Is Here, Take Control Of Your Health

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The Rise Challenge Is Here, Take Control Of Your Health

The Rebuild Rise challenge is here. 

This is a six-week challenge for Rebuild members to take charge of their health. 

But it's not your average challenge. 

We're not looking to get members depriving themselves of calories or smashing their bodies endlessly for six weeks, it's about self-care, wellness and balance. 

You are going to score yourself based on your workouts and nutrition yes, but also on your sleep, your rest, your hydration and your self-care. 

It's a points-based system that has an online leaderboard and using the Wodify Rise app, you can see who's winning, how you're tracking and what you need to focus on. 

It starts on September 6 and all you need to do is download the app. 



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get max points?
Each day you can get points for different categories. By being consistent and persistent, you will get maximum points when you log your wins.

What do I win?
There will be a cash prize - yes, you read that right. Not only will you get a better relationship with your health and body, there's a cash prize for the winner at the end of the challenge. 

Can I update points the day after? 
No - it's day by day, this ensures no one can cheat. 

How do I know if I'm winning?
The app has a leaderboard, so you can see who's topping the list each day. 

What's the aim of challenge?
To inspire you and build your daily habits. We aren't looking to shred or cut your weight, we want you to enjoy your days, optimise your health and feel, move and look better.

Is it free?
The challenge is free for members of Rebuild Health and Fitness, but you need to download the Wodify Rise app. 






Want to join the challenge but aren't a member yet?

It's not too late, you can join the challenge, email us team@rebuildhealthandfitness.com. 

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