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How To Push Jerk Properly

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How To Push Jerk Properly

Push jerks are a more complex overhead movement our members have been building to. We use push jerks to demonstrate explosive power and to prepare us for other Olympic lifts.

Having been through 2 pressing blocks to get here (strict press and push press). 


Now as we are talking power, we like to think about the push jerk as a leg drive and a catch rather than a press like the two previous.

Once we are in the front rack position with the bar sitting on your delts/upper chest with your elbows in front of the bar.

Stand with your feet underneath your hips (your power position) and grip the floor with your feet. 


Take a breath and create tension. Keep your ribs down and your pelvis tucked. 


To initiate the jerk, push your knees forward to lower your body down a few inches, keeping your torso upright. 


From here explode up by pushing your feet into the ground and begin to straighten your legs as if you were jumping. 


Use the force you have produced to drive the bar off your shoulders and above your head.


Begin to push the bar and now move your feet to catch the bar in a quarter squat position. 


Land with your arms locked out and slightly behind your ears. Your head through and your chin tucked while the bar sits above your hips. 


When you have settled from the catch, stand up tall to finish the movement.

At Rebuild Health and Fitness we pride ourselves on good movement standards. If you want to learn the skills to develop as a human then look no further. Remember sweating is easy, learning new skills is hard. 


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