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You Don't Need To Be 'Fit Enough' To Do CrossFit

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You Don't Need To Be 'Fit Enough' To Do CrossFit

You don't need to be fit to do CrossFit, or Rebuild Performance classes.

Just start.

We have personally developed a result driven hybrid, combining the periodisation of strength and conditioning mixed with the best methodologies of CrossFit which include the 10 physical skills we look to improve; endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.  


First of all, if you wait to be fit enough to do something, you’ll be waiting a while. You need to take action, not wait to ‘get fit’, because what will you determine as fit? Fit is subjective. You need objective measurements, which you can have by tracking your progress at a gym. 


Secondly, our classes don’t require you to be an athlete. We require you to show up and get 1% better.


That adds up. 


You’re not expected to do what you can not, yet. You’ll start you where you are and build from there.


We will empower you and build your confidence. 


There’s always a scaling/modifiable option. We’ve had members with broken legs, spinal surgery, chronic illness and no experience come into the gym and become key members of our community. Because they started somewhere. Everyone has to. 

Whether you’re nervous about getting into a gym or not feeling strong enough, we will get you to where you want to be. Because we have worked with thousands of people just like you and we know what works and how to get you there. 


If you’re unsure, just ask. 

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