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6 Reasons You're Not Meeting Your Physique Goals

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6 Reasons You're Not Meeting Your Physique Goals

You might be working hard at the gym, day in and day out and failing to see the results you're after. You feel like you're eating well, you're performing well, but it's just not translating to aesthetics. 

Here are some reasons you might not be reaching your goals.

1. You socialise at the gym

If you just use the gym as your break from everyday life that's fine, but if you have goals related to performance or body composition you need to be present and put in the work. When you're lifting, or working, you should be focusing, not chatting. We admit the gym is a good place to connect with people, but there's a time to chat and a time to focus - know the difference. 

2. Your choice of exercises suck

For example, let's say a dude wanted nice plump firm ass. The best strategy would be to train them progressively twice a week with a variety of compound and isolation movements. Another good strategy would be to do a bunch of body weight hip thrusts and lunges several days a week.

A very poor strategy would be to perform yoga or train like a distance runnerā£ thinking it will grow your butt. By introducing the correct exercises, you'll see far greater results. 

3. You have incorrect form or don't use full range of motion

Take the time to do things right. Poor movement standards or quality will not only open you up to injury but you'll also see lower results in your physique. 

4. You don't eat enough protein

Protein is literally the building block for our muscles, so if your goals are to improve body composition, whether that be gaining muscle or losing fat, consuming adequate protein is essential. We've spoken extensively about the importance of protein - and how it helps. 

5. You don't follow a good program or any for that matter

If you're not following a good program - you likely won't see results as quickly, or the kind you want.

Without the ability to progressively overload you will never reach your long term goals - you need to be loading up at the right times, knowing when to rest, knowing how to increase and strategise - all of which a good program can help with. 

6. You don't get enough sleep

Sleeping is the most anabolic thing we can do, remember its not the training session itself that elicits change but your bodies ability to recover and adapt to new stimuli and sleep plays a critical role in that. I can't stress that enough. You can literally look better by just sleeping better.

Be consistent. Good things take time to achieve, be patient, keep showing up and put in the work. Don't jump from program to program after a week or two, find a coach or a program you trust and stick it out.

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