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How To Overcome The Guilt Of Working Out As A Mother

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By coach Vicky

My love of group fitness first came about when I joined an outdoor Bootcamp back in 2007. I’d just relocated to Sydney from the UK, so it provided me with more than just an opportunity to exercise, it gave me a community of people to workout with and develop relationships with.

Because I loved it so much, I took a leap of faith and left my full-time job to become a Personal Trainer. I qualified with Cert 3 & 4 in Personal training and launched my own outdoor group training business. They say “if you love what you do, you never work a day” and this is exactly how it was for me. Working with people to feel better about themselves, helping to work towards goals and watching them achieve them is such a great feeling.

In 2015 we were on the move again, relocating to Brisbane, this time with a baby in tow, my son Jack. Soon after this number 2, our little girl Matilda arrived. I struggled to find a gym that felt right for me, that is until I found Rebuild Health and Fitness. The idea of CrossFit was pretty daunting at first. Would I be strong enough? Was I fit enough? But, once I joined none of this mattered, it instantly felt like home.
Five years later, my love for the place has grown so much that I’ve taken another leap of faith in myself and become a member of the amazing coaching team. I believe in everything Rebuild stands for, so it just makes sense (as daunting as it is). I’ve recently completed my CrossFit Level 1 trainer course.

I believe that the best hour of a person’s day should start when they walk through Rebuild Health and Fitness’s door. I’m here to help them feel good about themselves. Share their wins every session. Encourage them to achieve their goals, no matter how small they may be. And to celebrate them!

I especially know how hard it is for mums to have that time to themselves, and to have mum guilt when they go to the gym. I believe it is important to set the right examples for our children, to be active, have a healthy body image, and have a good relationship with food. I can help with that and make a difference in someone’s day; that’s the best part of being a coach.

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