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Why I Love Training At Rebuild Health And Fitness

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Why I Love Training At Rebuild Health And Fitness

From Media Cait -

I love training at Rebuild. I love playing basketball. I love my work. I love spending time with my family, being on the go, getting into the garden, walks along the waterfront, trying new things. 

I know right?! How lucky am I to enjoy so much. 

But the negative impacts of that are never ending injuries and over training and exhaustion - trying to squeeze so much into every night and every day. I’ve had some busy weekends. And we’re hurtling towards Christmas - so there are parties and events basically every weekend. 

I am constantly in conversations with the coaches at Rebuild to check myself, telling myself to rest and recover. It’s hard when you love so many things. I don’t want to stop basketball, but after a few serious injuries and constant niggles, I’ve had to choose my priorities. I want to be stronger and fitter in the gym, but I also want to play, enjoy downtime, spend time with my family, smash it at work. 

A revelation I had was speaking to Sean and James who said I need to choose my priorities. ‘You can have 3-5 Cait, but not more, otherwise it’s no longer priorities’, That was tough. How do I choose what to prioritise? 

It can change from day to day, week to week. But I’m learning how to say no to things, learning how to be a better version of myself. Only through frank conversations with the coaches (who seem more like life coaches some days!) and Louis, our physio, I’m exploring who I truly am and what I value - and what I want out of each day. I have a tendency to overtrain - I’m working on reducing that, trying to prioritise mindfulness, rest, recovery. 

I think it’s so beautiful though that I’ve found a place like Rebuild, where I am encouraged to enjoy my health and fitness, I’m supported in making decisions for my wellbeing and taught what questions I should ask myself.

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