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Ego Is The Enemy

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Ego Is The Enemy

There have been many times in my life where my ego has let me down or at least tried to let me down. This doesn’t mean my ego in the sense of ‘I am better than what I am’. It’s let me down in times which have lead to me not trying as well as I should have or I have missed things/events because I didn’t want to be seen not doing as well as I could have. 

Something you’ll hear me say to members ‘your best is always good enough’ and I truly believe that but at times in my life I have felt it wasn’t or there was always something saying that wasn’t your best. 

A quick example would be the CrossFit Open; when I started coaching CrossFit a decade ago, at my fittest I wouldn’t compete (even though I was competing in local comps at the time) in it just in case my members thought I wasn’t as fit as a should be. 

I am competitive and sometimes to my detriment, I am a gracious winner, but a fucking terrible loser and sometimes in my past knowing I can’t win or won’t win has lead me to not try or at least not my best. Then I always have an escape a way out if things don’t go my way. In essence, and excuse. 

But really the only time you fail is when you don’t try and when you don’t commit, because if you commit and it doesn’t go to plan you’ll be a lot closer to the end goal then you would be if you hadn’t began. 

As I have got older, my mindset has changed but this mindset doesn’t disappear and it is something I need to work on by doing the uncomfortable thing. I actively try and chase adversity, the tough option because I believe this is where growth lies. Doing the things you don’t want to do regardless of the outcome. 

The more you do this the more you realise it’s all in your mind, no body else cares. Literally nobody else cares.

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