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Everyone Has To Start Somewhere

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Everyone Has To Start Somewhere

I have been a member of Rebuild Health and Fitness for 5 years, writes coach Vicky.

My little girl was 1 year old, (I think she probably cried the whole time I was there ), I walked into a “CrossFit” gym. I was so out of my depth, I won't lie (I probably cried in the bathroom) I was used to going to other gyms where the equipment is laid out for you, you follow the instructions, move around and then leave. 

At Rebuild I didn’t know where to begin. 

But I quickly realised, this was different. There was a vibe, a great one, a little intimidating, but larger than life. I did my thing left and thought “yeah that’s not for me” I had watched all the “fit “people doing these amazing things, lifting heavy weights, dropping to floor 

I was training like I had never before. I couldn’t even do a push up when I started.

I remember the coaches touching base with me after the session and me saying “yeah i don’t think it's for me”. Their reply: “just give it a week, and then decide if it’s for you.”

I gave myself 8 weeks, and well, I haven’t even set foot in another gym in 5 years.

I have learnt so much, pushed my body in ways I didn’t think I could, lifted weights heavier than I ever imagined I would. 

Training with lik- minded people that cheer you on and celebrate your wins! 

There are days where I just go in, to breath and move, and there are days I really work, push myself to get it done. 

I am nearly 38 years old, a mum of 2 children and I have never been as fit or strong. There’s something empowering about that. 

So, if you are new to us at Rebuild: welcome! You will love it. Don’t worry about being the “new person in the class” we have all been that person, we have all been where you are now, and you won’t be the new person for long.

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