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Don't Compare Yourself To Other Athletes

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Don't Compare Yourself To Other Athletes

“But you are just so good… I’ll never be able to do that”

Are these words you have said out loud to someone or even just thought quietly to yourself? 

Don’t stress if you are, good on you for actually taking the first step in learning something new, in taking your health into your own hands, in creating new life long habits.

The Weightlifting/ CrossFit world can be tricky to navigate, and just like any other sport or complex task, things take time. 

It’s very easy to get caught up in the overwhelming nature of a task or skill when you are new. 

Good things come from stepping outside of your comfort zone. This is one principle I live life by. It’s a very humbling and sometimes scary time, but it can also become something amazing - if you let it! 

I was an elite level trampolinist for over a decade when I was younger. This taught me the value of persistence, dedication and grit. 
I then transitioned over into the weightlifting world and learnt very quickly that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Everything was foreign and I was terrible at best. 

I will always remember my first coach reminding me that things take time, and to film myself lifting now and compare again in approx 6-12 months. Boy was he right! 

Little by little, a little becomes a lot. I stuck with it for a year, I still felt like a Gumby but I understood the movement better, the strength and mobility required for the lift. I was hooked. 

I’ve now been competing in Olympic Weightlifting for approximately 8 years and will always be a student of the sport. There’s always something to improve on. 

So when you're next in the gym, don’t beat up on yourself. Be open to the learning process and understand that things simply take time and effort to accomplish. The you who walked in the gym doors today will 100% NOT be the you that walks in, in 12 months time.

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