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The Rebuild Games Score Centre

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The Rebuild Games Score Centre

This is the Rebuild Games score centre. Scores will be updated at the end of each points-scoring day.

 Red TeamBlue Team
Green Team Yellow Team 


It's the final day of the Games - and so the points are coming in thick and fast. 


The final event is DONE and the scores are being tallied for 4x weekly events.

As it stands after the event.

Blue absolutely FLEW by in the event, taking the top spot, scoring 25pts and an additional 24pts in bonus pts. That takes their score of +49 to a whopping 343.

Yellow came in second spot, with 15pts for taking the win and 8pts in bonus shots, so +23 pts and that takes them to 358. 

Red came in third with 10pts and then 4pts bonus, taking it up to 365.

Green brought it on with fourth, scoring 5pts for the event and a bonus 4pts. Their score is 315.

And for coaches' choice, Green team's Leah Brearley did not stop the whole day, in fact the whole competition she has been a vision of strength and determination, spirit and effort. Well done Leah. 

The 4x weekly sessions are as follows:

Red: 20

Green: 17

Yellow: 17

Blue: 16

Attendance for Saturday:

Blue: 15

Green: 19

Red & Yellow: 20

Google reviews

Red: Paula, Rhys, Jenny C (3pts)

Yellow: Kerrie, Michelle G, Tom H (3pts) 

Blue: Adam A, Rach M, Dani (3pts)

Green: Diana, Mana (2pts)

We announced a bonus point for everyone who showed up on Friday. The results are in! 

Blue: 11pts

Green: 11pts

Red: 16pts

Yellow: 15pts 


We're on the home stretch! There are mere hours until we come to a close.

Weekly attendance will be tallied on Saturday, and Friday's bonus attendance points will be tallied. AND we have our final workout Saturday at 7:30am!


Yellow team: Sarah Wilson, Raisa, Ronan (+3pts)

Green team: Kim C (+1pt)

Red team: Jaclyn, Adam Trew, Mary Andrews and Pacey (+4pts)


For additional Google reviews points have been awarded:

Blue: Justin

Green: Jenai, Frankie

Red: Therese

Yellow: Sarah Wong, Shannon, Krystin, Hayley C and Laura C 


We're at the end of week 3! Team members scored a point per person who attended at least four sessions. 

Red - 21
Yellow - 16
Blue - 14 
Green - 17


On Monday we announced bonus points for any athlete scoring a personal best on Helen workout.

Points are for:

On Blue team: Stu, Annemarie, Matt Ebbage

On Red team: Ollie, Gyrae, Kelsey, Sam, Cait 

Green team: Gaz

Yellow team: Dan Moloney, Sarah Wong, Pat Wood, Jess Batey

Late add: Adam Trew from Red team also PBed, (on Express leaderboard).


Well that might have been the most epic Friday Night Lights our gym has ever seen. What a time, what a spirit.

Amazing effort by all. 

+3pts for Yellow team for best dressed - Ronan in his superhero get-up was the standout.

EVENT 1 is your 3RM - deadlift, hang clean, STOH.

For this one we have combined the total weight for both heats for each team. 

First was Green team with 2,405kg lifted.

Second is Blue with 2,335kg lifted.

Third is Yellow with a cumulative 2,280kg lifted.

Fourth is Red with 2,050kg lifted.

Points are 10 for first, 8 for second, 6 for third and 4 for fourth.


In first place, was Blue team. 

Second place was Green.

Third place was team Yellow.

And fourth was team Red.


First place was red with a score of 629.

Blue came in second with 535.

Yellow was third with 522.

Green finished in fourth with 432.


Blue scored 8 for event 1, 10 for event 2 and 8 for event 3 = 26 points.

Green scored 10 for event 1, 8 for event 2 and 4 for event 3 = 22 points. 

Yellow scored 6 points for events 1, 2 and 3 = 18 points.

Red team tied with Yellow scoring 4, 4, and 10 = 18 points.

More points for Coaches' choice and spirit to come...

Coaches' choice was won by Laura McLachlan again - for her Teletubby get up and enthusiastic cheering that DID NOT relent for the full three hours. Well done Laura, 3pts for red! 


We announced a social media points day for Wednesday where any team members who posted on Instagram and tagged @RebuildHealthandFitness would be in the running for points! We said the THREE BEST posts would get FIVE points a piece. 

The three are: 

Pat Wood for his utopian cinematic saga of a team of bananas up against the world. 

Patrice Lund for her inspiring reel that encapsulates what Rebuild is all about. 

And Daniel Kennedy for sharing his progress, growth and drive.


We were so blown away by all these fantastic posts and deep-dives into people's lives and progress that it was way too hard to choose, so we've decided that EVERYONE who shared a post yesterday will get a point.

Stay tuned for the tally...

Red team: Laura, Luana, Gyrae, Mary, Fiona, Mick, Mel and Therese all posted - 8pts for Red.

Green team: Scott, Kim, Lea, Anna, Phoebe posted - 5pts for Green.

Blue team: Dani, Matt and Justin posted - 3pts for Blue.

Yellow team: Ilze, Sarah W, Jess B and Shelley posted - 4pts for Yellow.

Thank you all for sharing, some beautiful posts! 

Week 2 attendance

Each team member that attends four or more days of classes per week scores their team a point. For this week points are:

Red: 16

Yellow: 21

Blue: 11

Green: 11

FRIDAY July 7:


And the workout has been released -

3 rounds for time

7 deadlifts 70/50

7 hang cleans

7 push press

200m sprint


Attendance, leaderboard and PBs for squat cleans are tallied! Here are the results. 

Squat clean PBs:

Blue: 16

Red: 21

Green: 19

Yellow: 22



For Friday attendance for the Games, teams scored:

Blue: 16

Red: 21

Green: 19

Yellow: 22


For the leaderboard:

M 40+: Matt Gaggin, Ray Hope and Mick J all scored 3pts a piece for Red team. 

F 40+: Sarah Wong scored 3pts for Yellow, Lea B scored 3 pts for Green.

M u40: Puhi for Green, Stu for Blue team and Pat for Yellow all scored 3pts a piece.

F u40: Liz for Blue, Patrice for Green team and Gyrae for Red all get three pts.



5am: Shannon Waterhouse was pick of the day, winning yellow 3pts for her bold banana suit. 

6am: Yellow team's Kerrie Hockless was coach Ata's pick winning another 3pts for yellow!

7am: Jenny Candiano from red team was the winner.

9:30am: It was Christie Wright from the Green team for coaches' choice!

4:30pm: Phoebe was the pick, scoring 3pts for Green.

5:30pm: Kim Christen took the Coaches' choice once again, winning another 3pts for Green.

TUESDAY JULY 4: Strict press testing

Tuesday was great to see members progressing in their strict press, concluding the cycle.

Yellow scored top with 16 personal bests. 

Red scored 14 personal bests.

Blue got 12 personal bests.

Green scored 10 personal bests.

Well done to all!

Friday's workout will be announced in the weekly Rebuild member email so make sure you've checked team@rebuildhealthandfitness.com is on your safe senders list.

Week 1 attendance

For week one, every member of the team that trains four or more days* (not sessions) receives a point. 

The totals are in!

Red team accrued 20 points - 20 members trained 4+ times per week.

Green team scores 16 points for attendance.

Yellow scores 16 points. 

Blue gets 14 for their team's attendance. 

Well done everyone who adhered to four sessions last week. Keep up the epic work!

EVENT 3: Monday, July 3

Monday's workout is well underway! 

10minute AMRAP:

15 burpees to plate

20 med ball cleans 9/6kg

For attendance - yellow scored 21, red 16, blue and green both got 11. 

For top performers: each athlete scores 3pts for their team. 

Female 40+: Sarah Wong (yellow), Shelley Gaggin (yellow), Annemarie (blue)

Male 40+: Mick J (red), Gaz Rice (green), and Raymond Hope (red) and Andy McInnes (blue) tied for third so they won 3pts each for their team.

Female under 40: Raisa (yellow), Jenai (green), Kelsey (red)

Male under 40: Ollie (red), Stu Hancock (blue), Pat Wood (yellow)



5am: Sarah Wilson was the pick for her spirited support of the class. +3 pts to Yellow. 

6am: Adam Allan was the coaches' pick - scoring 3 points for Blue. 

7am: Jenny Candiano was the pick for the red team for her support. +3 pts to Red.

9:30am: Annemarie scored the pick for the 9:30am class, scoring +3 pts to Blue.

12pm: Joey Viera won his second coaches' choice, scoring 3 points for his Blue team.

3:30pm: Coaches' choice went to Green team's Ninj.

4:30pm: Red team's Fiona was the coaches' pick.

5:30pm: Laura McLauchlan was the pick, scoring 3 for the Red team.

6:30pm: Coaches' choice was Bronte, scoring 3 points for Blue.


It will be the same as event 2, with attendance counting per point, as well as points for spirit and leaderboard.


There will be testing day next week which means MO' POINTS.

AND Friday will be workout 4, so there are PLENTY of points to accumulate. 

Last week's attendance will be tallied by end of day so stay tuned...


Red team gets +3 for reviews from Laura McLachlan, Kyra Savill & Ray Hope. 

Green team gets +2 for Todd and Eliza O'Connor's Google reviews.

Wednesday June 28

The results are in! 

For attendance, each person who showed up today gets a point.

Blue team: 20 

Red team: 19

Yellow team: 20

Green team: 20

For the top performers: +3 points per person 

Male 40+
Mick J (red team)

Gaz Rice (green team)

Tim Weber (green team) 

Female 40+

Donna (blue team)
Sarah Wong (yellow team)
Annemarie (blue team)

Male under 40
Puhi Brown (green team)

Xave Smith (yellow team)
Rhys Tippin (red team)

Female under 40
Gyrae (red team)
Jenai (green team)
Kelsey (red team)



For our 5am coaches' choice, Raisa is the pick so yellow team gets 3 points.

For 6am coaches' choice, Mary Andrews took the cake so red team gets 3 points. 

For 7am Capacity class, Claire Wilson is the coaches' choice, giving green 3 points.

For 9:30am, Joey Viera was coaches' choice, giving blue team 3 points.

3:30pm coaches' choice is Puhi Brown, giving the green team 3 points. 

4:30pm coaches' choice is red team's Kelsey King. 

5:30pm coaches' choice is green team's Kim Christen. 

6:30pm coaches' choice is the blue man in the tutu, Daniel Kennedy! 


The workout is released for event two!

30-minute AMRAP

300m run

10 strict pull ups or 5 muscle ups

20 hang cleans (50/30) 

30 wall balls

60 crossovers

All team members attending must check in via Wodify to get points, capacity is included in attendance points. 

Points will be scored for top 3 M/F 40+/- years of age (so 12 people all up) and one point per person in attendance. There will be a coaches' choice per class of the person of the match - this is anyone who gives it a good go, supports everyone else and embodies Rebuild's spirit.


Blue team receives 4 points for Google reviews from: Michael Keall, Joey Viera, Andy Mcinnes, Daniel Kennedy. 

Yellow team receives 1 point for a Google review from Sarah Skeet.

Green team receives 1 point for a Google review from Lea Brearley.

Tuesday June 27

+1 to Blue team for Amy for sharing a Google review.

+1 to Yellow team for Xave Smith sharing a Google review.

+1 to Yellow team for Karen Mackie sharing a Google review.

Monday June 26

+1 to Green team for Dan Stribling sharing a Google review.

+1 to Red team for Marcela Trew sharing a Google review.

+1 to Green team for Scott Kelleher sharing a Google review.

EVENT ONE: June 24

Event one is done! Well done to all who participated. 

Workout wins:

Update - for the transitions, we have allocated a score of 4 for most transitions (yellow with 30), 3 points for second (red with 25) and 2 points for third (blue and green tied at 24).

For the workouts, this is split into two scores.

Part one was the workout for calories and part two was the over-under all-in. 

For part one, red accumulated the most calories with 1,316, blue in second with 1,310, yellow in third with 1,253 and green with 1,102.

Bonus points were awarded to yellow with most transitions (30), followed by red (25) and blue and green tied for third (24).

For part two, blue took first place, green came second, yellow third and red fourth. 


Team spirit: For team spirit, the red team took the 5 points for their enthusiastic support and bright dress ups.

Coaches' choice: Raymond Hope from the red team was the coaches' choice for the day. Ray not only pushed incredibly hard on the air bike during the heat, he also was a huge supportive voice for his team mates. Well done Ray, 3 points to you!

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