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  • Olympic Weightlifting And Overcoming Injuries: Coach Ahrie Jerred

    Olympic Weightlifting And Overcoming Injuries: Coach Ahrie Jerred

    I love Olympic weightlifting. I recently competed at an under 23 national competition in Perth. Unfortunately in my last clean and jerk, I went for a personal best of 145kg but felt a pop in my left knee as I caught the barbell. There was no pain during the lift; I got my 145kg PB. After I walked off the platform, my knee was sore; I knew I had injured it. Once back in Brisbane a physio confirmed it- I have a meniscus tear. Fortunately for me there is a high likelihood of full return to Olympic lifting. This experience shook me, I am a person who was taking preventative measures to not get injured. It triggered thoughts: should I be doing Olympic weighting? Maybe I am not good ....

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  • Hip Replacement And Staying Positive: Coach Sean

    Hip Replacement And Staying Positive: Coach Sean

    I’m 30. I need a hip replacement on my right hip. Why has this happened? not 100% sure but I think it boils down to genetics, a bit of bad luck and a love for sport. I first started noticing I had hip issues in 2015 where I had to have surgery on both hips to help fix up some impingement that was causing me a lot of grief when playing rugby. Whilst that helped temporarily and I was able to get back to rugby and training I was never fully the same. Today, I can’t run, I can’t squat, I can't even walk pain free. I can't honestly even remember the last time I wasn't in some kind of pain. I’ve almost gotten used to it. And as the list of “can’t ....

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  • How To Overcome The Guilt Of Working Out As A Mother

    By coach Vicky My love of group fitness first came about when I joined an outdoor Bootcamp back in 2007. I’d just relocated to Sydney from the UK, so it provided me with more than just an opportunity to exercise, it gave me a community of people to workout with and develop relationships with. Because I loved it so much, I took a leap of faith and left my full-time job to become a Personal Trainer. I qualified with Cert 3 & 4 in Personal training and launched my own outdoor group training business. They say “if you love what you do, you never work a day” and this is exactly how it was for me. Working with people to feel better about themselves, helping to work ....

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  • Why You Shouldn't Come To Rebuild Health And Fitness To Burn Calories

    Why You Shouldn't Come To Rebuild Health And Fitness To Burn Calories

    By Cait “I’ve only burned 200 calories in my workout,” I moaned to James. “Never say that to me or in this gym again,” he replied. It has taken me a long time and a lot of effort to reframe my mindset. To get out of the thought process that I’m trying to train to burn calories/lose weight, there are healthy/unhealthy foods. Still, after training at Rebuild for nearly two years, working with some of the best minds in the business and working myself on my thought patterns, I still struggle. And lately I’ve gained a few kgs, thanks to injuries and poor nutrition choices, bringing back the wrong kind of mindset. So I’m trying to ....

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  • Weight-Gain And Holidays: How To Balance- By Coach James

    Weight-Gain And Holidays: How To Balance- By Coach James

    I’ve just got back from visiting Wales, for a whole month - after not seeing loved ones for three years due to covid, a story many can relate to. The trip was good for the soul. It was needed more than I ever imagined and it really was possibly the best all-round month of my life. During this month we spent so much time together as a family. A lot of my friends now have children I had never met. As you can imagine, it was a lot of food, alcohol and plenty of good times. Being a health seeking person but also someone who preaches balance, it was great for me. I trained 3 or 4 days per week, had smoothies, ate balanced meals where possible, ate protein in pretty much every ....

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  • The Importance Of Personal Growth

    The Importance Of Personal Growth

    As we get older a lot of things change that aren’t always within our control and I see a lot of people just get ‘stuck’ with where they are at in life - writes C oach Sean. But the good news is no matter what stage of life we are in will always have the ability to grow as people. I love the saying little by little, little becomes a lot, I preach it a lot to my clients and it is something I try to embrace and live by to help me grow as a person. As personal growth is something I have really come to value and thoroughly enjoy the rewards that come from just trying to be a little bit better. I believe personal growth is so important because it gives us the tools to ....

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  • What It Means To Be Truly Evidence-Based - And How To Sniff Out Poor Research

    What It Means To Be Truly Evidence-Based - And How To Sniff Out Poor Research

    People are always quick to use phrases such as “evidence-based” or “I did my research” or “I read a study.” And once one of these phrases is used, the listener never really questions what is being said. However, as a listener, it is more important to question what the said evidence is like, rather than questioning if there is any. Andy Bell is a PhD candidate who works in paramedicine and teaches at Griffith University, he spoke with Rebuild Health and Fitness coaches James and Sean about what it means to be truly evidence based. Together, they discuss the understanding of a truly evidence-based approach, its importance, why it should be ....

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  • How The Fight Dietitian Carved Out A Niche In Combat Sports: Jordan Sullivan

    How The Fight Dietitian Carved Out A Niche In Combat Sports: Jordan Sullivan

    Cutting weight for sport is a contentious issue - when done well it can be safe and fine, however it can be extremely dangerous when done incorrectly, with some athletes even dying during weight cuts due to heat stroke or dehydration. Which is why Jordan Sullivan has made a niche for himself in being a dietitian specialising in combat sport weight cuts. A long with being a bachelor of exercise and nutrition science and a master of dietetics , Jordan has also coached notable Olympians. He currently w orks with UFC c hampions including Israel Adesanya and Alexander Volkanovski, as well as the majority of combat athletes in Australia and New Zealand. ....

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  • Lunchtime Classes Added To The Schedule

    Lunchtime Classes Added To The Schedule

    Want to get in shape during your lunch break? Good news! Rebuild Health and Fitness in Wynnum West has added lunch time 30-minute classes to the schedule. The classes will be a fast burn, getting the most out of your lunch break. These will begin from July 25 and include a high intensity workout with some accessory work. They will be on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12pm. We have showers at the gym so you can get right out the door to your next meeting. Members can book their place via Wodify, or you can get in touch to learn about our lunch time membership options. ....

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  • Thermic Effect Of Food: What It Is And How It Works

    Thermic Effect Of Food: What It Is And How It Works

    Throughout the Rebuild Health and Fitness podcast, and online, we often discuss the thermic effect of food, when pertaining to nutrition information, calorie deficits and body composition. But what is the thermic effect of food? And how does it work? What is the thermic effect of food (TEF)? Technically speaking, it refers to the amount of energy your body takes to absorb, digest, and metabolise the food you consume. So, when you consume calories, some foods are harder to digest, therefore your body expends more energy in the process, the thermic effect of food. A calorie is a calorie. A calorie is a unit of measurement for food energy. By definition, it is the amount of ....

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