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    Career Opportunities with Rebuild Health and Fitness If you're a career coach (or looking to start your journey as one), hold a strong value in your personal health and wellbeing, are passionate about evidence-based health and nutrition, you are qualified and have a strong work ethic, then we want to hear from you. Rebuild Health and Fitness was established in 2013, and has become one of Brisbane's fastest growing gyms. We have hundreds of Wynnum-Manly-based members and are on the look out for coaches and nutritionists to join our team for group training, personal training, nutrition coaching and online programming. Rebuild Health and Fitness has a weekly podcast that is listened to in ....

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  • How To Lose Body Fat Without Tracking Your Calories

    How To Lose Body Fat Without Tracking Your Calories

    When on your weight-lossjourney, it can be challenging to track your calories all the time. While it can make things easier, (remember, that which gets measured gets managed) it isn't necessarily essential. You can lose weight without tracking calories. There are some simple steps you can take to make that journey more effective. Diets and staying at your maintenance When starting a diet, keeping track of your calories can make sense. It gives you a sense of direction and more of an idea about what you’re eating, how much you’re eating and how much food you really require to feel full. However, for some people this can feel daunting. James says, calorie ....

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  • Discount Code For Manscaped With Rebuild Health And Fitness

    Rebuild Health and Fitness has partnered with Manscaped to bring you a special discount. If you're looking to get a smooth finish on your family jewels, without risking the goods, Manscaped has the products for you. Never will you feel cleaner, fresher and more groomed than with Manscaped. Rebuild is passionate about health and wellness, and Manscaped is behind many men's health initiatives. Get 20% OFF Manscaped products + Free Shipping with our promo code REBUILD20 at MANSCAPED.com! ....

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  • Should We Lose Fat Or Build Muscle First?

    Should We Lose Fat Or Build Muscle First?

    We get it, you want to be lean, but also be strong, and get jacked without gaining too much. Can you lose body fat and gain muscle at the same time? Short answer - you can but it's bloody hard. We recommend focusing on one at a time. But which should come first? Can you do both together? The straightforward answer to the question above would be – yes, it is possible to lose fat and build muscle at the same time, however, it isn’t worth all the effort. James says, “Well yes, you can do both together but, in no way, shape, or form will it be optimal. And I think if you go at both at the same time you’re going to run into problems down the lane.” ....

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  • You Need To Earn The Right To Be Good At Something

    You Need To Earn The Right To Be Good At Something

    - By Coach James Batey A few ago I was playing golf with a friend, he had played all of his life, week in week out, this was his sport. He was brilliant to watch. Then take me, I go a few times a year. Maybe. I can swing a golf club, sometimes the ball goes straight, most of the time nowhere near where I want it to go. I never take my driver out of the bag because I am sure it is broken - it never goes straight. Anyway one day we were playing and I started fairly well, I honestly thought about quitting my job and joining the PGA tour. About the 6th hole, my luck started to dry up. I started to hit balls in the rough, the water. I lost 6 balls on the same ....

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  • Aren’t Meeting Your Physique Goals? Here’s Why

    Aren’t Meeting Your Physique Goals? Here’s Why

    It can be frustrating to see yourself going to the gym every day, putting in that effort for an hour every day, and yet not seeing any results. Often what happens though is that we tend to overlook certain habits that may have a huge effect on our weight loss/muscle gain or general workout results. Anything from not consuming the right foods, not being consistent, not sleeping well enough, or even having incorrect form can lead to being an obstacle in your path. Here are some reasons why you may not be achieving your fitness goals. 1. You socialise at the gym If you’re using the gym as a break from everyday life, constant socialising can be forgiven. However, if your attention ....

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  • Goal Setting: Preparing For A Successful 2022

    Goal Setting: Preparing For A Successful 2022

    Each new year, we’re left reflecting on the previous year, the goals we achieved, the ones we didn’t, the good and the bad. When you're setting goals, there are some strategies you can implement to ensure you achieve what you want. Set goals with actionable steps You need to break your goals into small, achievable steps; whether they’re fitness goals, lifestyle goals, or mental health ones. You need to set a goal, and then plan out baby steps that lead to you that end goal. “You’ve got to have actionable steps that are going to lead you towards that sort of next goal. You just need to be a little bit more specific with your goals whether be financial, ....

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  • How To Make Your Strict Press Better

    How To Make Your Strict Press Better

    The strict press is a foundational compound movement that is a highly effective exercise for creating stronger shoulders, core, upper body in general and helps to improve shoulder mobility and functionality. Here are some tips for performing a strict press. NAIL THE STARTING POSITION: -Place a barbell in a rack at about shoulder-height -Place feet shoulder width apart, and brace your abs, setting a solid foundation -Grip the bar with the hands about shoulder-width apart and push your elbows under the bar with your palms facing the ceiling -Dip under the bar to bring it off the rack, letting it rest across the top of the shoulders so that the palms are facing the ceiling ....

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  • It's Time To Take Control Of Your Health With A Special Rebuild Deal

    Fedup of being out of shape, weaker and more deflated believing nothing will work? You’ve tried everything and just nothing is working. Going from method to method, gym to gym and diet to diet thinking you need the next best thing. You don't. You need education, support, accountability and world class coaches to get you there. We understand the frustration, time, energy and money you have put into feeling and looking better over the years but you just can’t ever seem to get lasting results. You deserve to see progress, find happiness, strength and future freedom. ‘Results by Rebuild' is a12 weeks-program to change the course of your life in 2022. Rebuild ....

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  • Surviving The Silly Season: How To Make Sure You Enjoy Your Holidays Without The Guilt

    Surviving The Silly Season: How To Make Sure You Enjoy Your Holidays Without The Guilt

    With Christmas and New Year just around the corner, the holiday season is bound to add to the kilos. Family dinners, outings with friends, comfort food here and there – no matter how much you run from it, these two weeks do inevitably cause some damage. However, all is not lost post-holiday season. Enjoy your holidays If you’ve been consistent throughout the year, or even for the most part, it’s completely alright to binge a bit during the silly season. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so chill out. Stop worrying You need to allow yourself to live your life for a bit. “Stop worrying so much about the next couple of weeks,” says James. ....

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